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Here’s where to get my book “Love Comes Twice” today.
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You can also find it on iBooks. 😉

I used to think finding your one, true love was the ultimate goal.
The one thing we all strive for and want, to find the one who completes you and makes you feel whole. I had found mine. Tom was my best friend, and honestly, that’s such a cliché, but he really was. We met in high school. I fell for him right away, this tall, dark and incredibly handsome guy. He stood there one day, looking at me from across the hall, and I knew it was going to be us against the world.
Then, when tragedy struck, I was left feeling lost and utterly alone.
Parker was the sexy rock star we all secretly dream about.
He was the lead singer of Dangerous, a band who had hoards of screaming girls waiting for them, wherever they went.
Parker was everything I looked for in a man. I wanted him badly!
Even from a distance, the way he held himself made my body ache with lust.
We definitely had chemistry, but would I ever allow myself to love again or would my newfound independence get in the way?

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