My Tribe

A lot of beautiful people played a huge part when I wrote my book. I’m going to take a moment to thank them. They are an including, loving and generous bunch of people, and I lovingly refer to them as my “tribe.”

Yesterday, I got to see the reason we all come together; Gavin DeGraw. Such an amazing artist, entertainer and all over great guy! Some have claimed my book is about him. Now, I can tell you this; Honestly, it’s not. But it could have been. It could be about anyone, but the thing is; we all dream about someone, right? And that’s the gist of it all.

Gavin brought so many people together, I’ve made friends from all over the world. People I can trust and depend upon. People I can laugh and have a good time with. People who won’t judge me for my occational “fangirling,” simply because they know what it’s like. 

These are the people I based my book upon, and these are the people I’m proud to say are my TRIBE. ❤️
You can get my book here.

Thank you!! 

Love, Gry. 

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