Love Comes Twice – OUT NOW!

facebook out nowI hereby present to you my debut novel “Love Comes Twice.”
I started this project not knowing for sure I would finish.
That seems to have been my way through life, start something, get bored and put it away. Start something else…
I have to say thank you to my friends Sandra and Elvira today.
They have been a massive support and have kept me going through every page, pushing me to write more, challenge myself and actually finish something, for once.
I will thank my family for putting up with me when my mind has been elsewhere, deeply buried in a fantasy, trying to figure out which parts of it to put down on paper.
And I have to thank my friend Heather, for making sure I’m not making a complete fool of myself. 🙂
To all the people who have preordered the book and supported me along the way, I am ever so grateful. This is for all of you.
Early on, I decided to self-publish.
Who’s to say my work is good enough to be published?
Well, you. And I.
You are my only critic.

From me to you, with all the love in the world – Thank you.
❤ Gry Sorensen

You can download from iBooks or these sites:
Barnes and Noble

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