Hey guys.

I wanted you all to know that I’ve now shared my book with a few friends.
I’m still in the early editing stages, but so much has changed already.
This is my very first opportunity to get some feedback on my story, and I’m now biting my nails as I wait for feedback.
I’ve tried to convey to them how much it means to me that they’ve “volunteered” to read this book, but I don’t think they quite understand.
Allowing people to read it is scary.
I know, the book is indeed intended to be read, but still, it’s a very humbling feeling to be compared to a world of excellent writers.
The fact they want to read MY book, baffles me.
Who am I to think I’ve got something good on my hands, right?
Well, time will tell.
Anyway, I’m forever grateful to the handful few, the ones who are about to tell me if I’m on to something or just completely lost.
Such are the current feelings of an aspiring writer.

Thank you – Gry


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