Dreams Come True

Are you a daydreamer?
Are you one of those people who goes to concerts or movie premieres just so you can see your favorite artist/band or actor/actress up close?
Do you wait for hours outside a venue because it’s General Admission, and you want to make sure you can stand front row for the show?
Do you sacrifice sleep, food and money to see that person, your super-hot lead singer of a band, or the drummer and his massive biceps?
Or even, the beautiful actress, looking flawless at her premiere?
If all of the above is true in your case, well then you have a treat coming
your way.
My book, Love Comes Twice, covers it all.
It’s about being one in a crowd of thousands of fans.
It’s about meeting friends who share your passion for a band or artist or any other famous person, for that matter.
It’s all about that daydream.
Let’s face it; We’ve all been there, right?
What if this gorgeous actress looks at me?
What if the superstar picks me out of the crowd?
What if the drummer throws me that drumstick and then wants to meet?
What if, just what if, we fall in love?
Okay, so it is just a daydream.
Maybe it’s mine, maybe it’s yours, maybe it’s all imaginary.
But wouldn’t it be awesome?

Check out the first, raw excerpt from my book here.

With love – Gry

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