It sounds easy, just writing a book.
I am currently writing my debut novel. Or in fact, it’s written, I’ve moved on to editing.
But anyone can do it, right?
And you can, truly.
Taking steps towards publishing it though; well that takes you through an ocean of decisions.
I’ve made some decisisons already, one more important than others:
I will publish my book by myself.
That is quite a goal to set and it honestly frightens me a little.
I’m convinced I’ll make mistakes while navigating my way towards a finished product.
You see, the urge to write is strong, and my product, I believe, is a good one.
But I have little to no experience in what I’m about to do.
I intend to keep you updated all the way to the finishline and you will be able to watch me struggle to find the right path. I will likely change my mind more than once and like I said; make mistakes.  But at the end, I will have finished something I can be proud of.
Heck, I’ll be proud just because I finished, for once.

I hope to see you somewhere down the road. 😉
Thank you!
With love – Gry.


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